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live music bookings powered by data

tapped ai revolutionizes the live music scene by leveraging data analytics to match artists with the perfect venues for their performances. our platform analyzes a wealth of data, including venue capacities, audience demographics, and genre preferences, to provide personalized venue recommendations.

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say goodbye to financial stress. Our monthly subscription plans start at just $10, making it accessible for artists of all backgrounds. get the support you need without breaking the bank.

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Sign up for free and get access to information on thousands of venues and events. discover the perfect location for your next gig or event.


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effortlessly conduct mass outreach and pinpoint the ideal venues for your genre and capacity requirements. simplify your booking process and focus on what you do best – creating and performing.


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our platform simplifies the process of maintaining communication with venues, enhancing your chances of getting booked and showcasing your talent to audiences far and wide.

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